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NI Razorbacks vs West Dublin Rhinos

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NI Razorbacks vs Antrim Jets


NI Razorbacks

Mark Thompson TD Run

Mark Thompson TD Run

Gareth Millar TD Run

4Pts from PATs or 2XPs

Outstanding Defence:

Nathan Toney, Louis Kuzmirer – Goalline Stop

Antrim Jets

Scot McLean TD Run

Outstanding Defence

Mark McFayden – Fumble Recovery

Stuart Lee McFayden – Blocked Field Goal Attempt


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Westmeath Minotaurs vs U Limerick Vikings


1st Quarter

ULV – TD (PAT Good) 0-7

2nd Quarter

WM – Jack Lynch Pass TD from ?? (Jay Bruton PAT Kick good) 7-7

ULV – Run TD (PAT No Good) 7-13

3rd Quarter

WM – Andrew Payton Run TD (PAT No Good) 13-13

4th Quarter

WM – Jay Bruton FG 16-13


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