Craigavon Cowboys vs East Side Jets

Craigavon Cowboys won their third match of the season at home on the Saturday of Week 4, 57-0 versus East Side Jets, who drop to 0-2, after a baptism of fire against both the previuous years’ League and Cup Champions Belfast Blitzers and 1986 Shamrock Bowl Champions Craigavon Cowboys. Craigavon meanwhile remain unbeaten at the top of the Tara Conference with the Dublin Celts.

During the game ther Cowboys amassed 464 total yards.


Unknown Scorers



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Craigavon Cowboys vs Belfast Blitzers

In the first ever full contact kitted American Football match ever held in Northern Ireland and also between two Irish teams, Belfast Blitzers defeated Craigavon Cowboys 46-0 at Shane Park in Lurgan thanks to three touchdowns from Derek McCord and two touchdowns from Ivan Smith.


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