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Jordanstown Jaguars vs Bangor Buccaneers

A touchdown pass from Quarterback Terry Mills to Wide Receiver Chris Kelly was enough to secure the win for the Bangor Buccaneers over the Jordanstown Jaguars. The Points were the first of the season for Bangor. The Point After Touchdown was also successful


Unknown Quarter

Ban – Chris Kelly TD Pass from Terry Mills (PAT Kick Good) 0-7


[1] Anon. (1987) “Bangor win” Belfast Telegraph. Monday, June 8, 1987. pg. 16. [Past copies of the Belfast Telegraph are available to view online at: https://www.irishnewsarchive.com/ ][Accessed 24 February 2021]

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Jordanstown Jaguars vs Carrickfergus Cougars

Jordanstown Jaguars moved level with Carrickfergus Cougars on 1-2 with this close 8-6 win at home in Week 5 of the 1987 Irish American Football League




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Jordanstown Jaguars vs Belfast Blitzers


Unknown Quarters

BLI – Finn Lynch 35yd TD (J. Smith 2XP) 0-8

BLI – H. Davis TD 0-14

BLI – H. Davis TD 0-20

BLI – Ivan Smith TD 0-26

BLI – Derek Hardy Safety 0-28


[15] Anon. (1987) “Easy for Blitzers” Belfast Telegraph. Monday, May 11, 1987. Pg. 18. Past Editions of the Irish Press are Available to view on the Internet at the Irish Newspaper Archive at: https://www.irishnewsarchive.com/ [Accessed 6 May 2020]


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