John Henry

usaUnited States
Wide receiver
Past Teams
Yarvard Crimson Tide


21 November 1942 – ETO FC Game 2 – Inver Park, Larne, Antrim, NI – Yarvard 14 Tech 0 – John Henry caught the go-ahead touchdown on a pass from Anton S Verbeck (Also spelt Verbick) at Larne in Antrim, Northern Ireland in the second game of the European Theater of Operations Football Championship in Autumn 1942. Yarvard went on to win 14-0.


[1] Massimo Foglio with Mark L. Ford (2015) “Second World War Part One: Americans on the British Isles 1942-1943 – November 21 1942 – Inver Park, Larne, Northern Ireland – Yarvard 14 Tech Fighting Irish 0” Touchdown in Europe: How American Football Came to the Old Continent. pg. 51-52.