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Other World Sports include versions of Hockey, Basketball, Baseball and Racquet Sports played around the World other than North America and Britain.

World Basketball

Korfball is the Dutch variant of Basketball or Netball and has been played in Netherlands and Belgium since the early 20th Century. It has been played in Ireland since around 2009 when the Ireland Korfball International team first entered the IKF European Championships.

While there is no league in Ireland as yet, the International team enters Tournaments in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Netherlands. In keeping with the Dutch ‘Total Football’ Tradition the Attackers and Defenders swap positions after two scores by either team, making an All-Rounders game.

RUSTENBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – June 6: Korfball League games played at Olympia Park on June 6, 2015 in Rustenburg South Africa. Ladies team: Girl goal trowing ball at net.

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Korfball (Netherlands)

Korfball (Dutch Basketball)

International Korfball Federation (Overviews):

International Korfball Federation Logo [Ref: 3]

International Korfball Federation European Korfball Championships 2010-2018

International Korfball Federation European Korfball Championship Round 1 2016-2017

International Korfball Federation World Korfball Championship (Finals):


International Korfball Federation European Championships (Finals):

2014 2010

International Korfball Federation European Championships Round 1 (Qualifying):

2017 2016

Korfball Tournaments:

British Student Korfball Association International Invitaitional Trophy


Korfball Teams:

European Korfball Championships Ireland’s Record 2009-2016

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African Sports include Ringball, a South African version of Basketball.

Chandimu is an African Street Football sport.

Ringball (South africa)

South African Ringball

SAR Super 10s Dames (Seasons): 2019

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Cestoball (Argentina)

Cestoball is a version of Basketball Native to Argentina. The Liga Nacional A is the Top Men’s Division in the country.

Confederacion Argentina de Cestoball Liga Nacional A 2014-2015

World Hockey

Variations on Hockey and Ice Hockey are played throughout the World, from Ringette in Canada to Chaco Indian Hockey in South America.

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Ringette (Canada)

Canadian Ringette

Canadian Ringette

Ringette Nova Scotia Women’s Recreational League 2015-2020

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Choule Crosse (Normandy)

Jeux et Tradi Normandie

Choule Crosse Normande

The Traditional Sports and Games of Normandy (North France) were first described in the 12th Century A.D. Choule is a Team Sport involving a curved stick and a leather ball.

FJSTNV Choule Crosse Normande (Seasons):


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Chaco Indian Hockey(South America)

Chaco Indian Hockey

Chaco South American Indian Hockey

World Racquet Sports

Racquet Sports originated in East, South and South East Asia where the ancestors of Badminton are to be found. There are variations on Racquet Sports unique to Europe (Italian Tamburello, French Tambourine) and the Rest of the World.

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Palla Tamburello is an Italian Team Racquet Sports (5-a-side) that utilizes a Tambourine to hit the ball rather than a racquet

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Hanetsuki is a traditional Japanese form of Badminton.

Japanese Hanetsuki

Hanetsuki (Japanese Badminton)

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Road Tennis (Barbados)

Professional Road Tennis Association