A-Z of Football

A is for American Football, Australian Football, Arena Football, Arena Soccer and American 7s

B is for Beach Soccer, Beach Football, British Football (Medieval)

C is for Canadian Football, Calcio Storico (Fiorentina, Italy), Cuju (China), Chugkuk (Korea), Chandimu (Tanzania)

D is for Derby Shrovetide Football (British Medieval Football)

E is for E-Football, Eton Wall Game, Episkyros (Ancient Greece)

F is for Futsal, Football, Footbag, Football Fives, Flag Football, Fan-Controlled Football, Foosball, Faininda (Ancient Egypt)

G is for Gaelic Football

H is for Haxey Hood (British Medieval Football), Harpastum (Ancient Rome)

I is for Indoor Football, Indoor Soccer

J is for Jorkyball (2v2 Indoor Court Football)

K is for Kemari (Japan)

L is for Lelo Burti (Georgia), Legends Football

M is for Marn Grook (Australian Aboriginal), Mini-Football (6-a-side Soccer)

N is for National Football League

O is for Orkney Ba’ Game (Ancient Scottish Football)

P is for Powerchair Football

Q is for Queen of Scots (Earliest evidence of Inflated Football found behind wall in Mary Queen of Scots Castle)

R is for Rugby Union, Rugby League, Robot Football (3v3 Rocket Remote-controlled Powered Cars)

S is for Soccer, Street Soccer, Street Football, Subbuteo

T is for Tag Rugby, Touch Football (Australian Rules)

U is for Uppies & Downies, United States Football League

V is for Volata, Vatican Football (Standard Soccer with a Blue Card for 5 minutes in the Sin-Bin for Persistent Fouling).

W is for World Football League, Women’s Football, Wheelchair Football (American, Australian and Gaelic), Wheelchair Rugby, Woolly World Cup (2v2 Gloved Hands on a Table-top)

X is for XFL, X-League

Y is for Youth Football

Z is for Zzzzzzz: a Scoreless Draw in Soccer. What you do after all the running around and kicking.

Calcio Photo

FLORENCE – JUN 24: Fighting players during Calcio Fiorentino match on June, 24,2012. Calcio fiorentino (calcio storico or calcio in costume) is an historic florentine game, origins of modern football.

By mkistryn http://www.123rf.com


Wojciech Liponski (2003) World Sports Encyclopedia. St. Paul, Minnesota, Poznan, Poland.

Various websites of the Sports Involved (Please see Individual Section for each sport on www.eirball.ie)


Thanks to all the people you have played Football with me (you know who you are!)


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