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Emerald Futsal League 2012-2015

Emerald Futsal League 2012-13

Eden College12930713030
Blue Magic12813583825
Shamrock Rovers12723684323
St. Ita’s12705595121
FC Guillermo1223739479
B&H United1222832538
NH St. Vincent’s12111025724


Emerald Futsal League 2013-14

Blue Magic11605344018
FCG Dublin12516334216
Kildare IFC Central College11425315314
St. Ita’s FC1130832629
B&H United11101023643


Emerald Futsal League 2014-15

B&H United14941532631
Blue Magic14725533923
Crumlin United14428365714
St. Ita’s14266325212



Eden College won the Emerald Futsal League two years running from 2012-2014, with B&H United, a team made up of Bosnian-Hercegovinan Nationals taking the title in 2014-15


The Emerald Futsal League was a follow on from the Leinster Emerald Futsal League, though from 2012-2015 there was no involvement from FAI National League teams.

Teams were mostly made up of Romanian/Hungarian Nationals or Irish Nationals, with a couple of Brazilian and Bosnian-Hercegovinan teams.

The League became part of the Athletic Union League – the main Dublin County League – in 2015.



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