NUI Galway Futsal Leagues Semester 2 2017

NUI Galway Futsal 8-9pm Hall 1 Semester 2 2017

1Inter Bens Bike70023821
2West Bondage Albion42125913
3Bailey Joe Allen Hall430181412
5Taking the Mkhitaryan331141510
6Sombrero Gaels33191110
7Timova FC05211212
8Pintmen FC0523302

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NUI Galway Futsal League 8-9pm Hall 2 Semester 2 2017

1Wolves of university street610261118
2Cory in the House FC520231315
3Straight to Town420191312
4Moleicester City34016169
4Obi 1 Kenobi 034016179
6Beat Around Debuchy25017266
7The Tribe 2.024012176
8Smack my Bilic Up2509256

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NUI Galway Futsal League 9-10pm Hall 1 Semester 2 2017

1The All Blacks60130819
2Spirish Wildcats50227917
3New Collection511251216
4Snorting Lisbon34012169
5It's about to get Messi34010109
6Spastic Hawks25013226
7Exeter Softly FC1519304
8Is Your Motherwell06112311

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Inter Bens Bike, Wolves of university street and The All Blacks won the three NUIG Futsal Leagues in Semester 2 2017, with Inter Bens Bike winning all 7 of their matches and The All Blacks going undefeated with only one drawn game.


The NUI Galway Futsal League is a College “Super League” played recreationally during college term. Most teams are humourously-named (e.g. Obi 1 Kenobi 0), with some others making reference to the multi-national team members (e.g. Spirish Wildcats, Iremany, Sombrero Gaels) while a third group have chosen serious names (e.g. The All Blacks and teams named after the players themselves – Bailey Joe allen Hall).


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